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First will come unicorns, then fairies, then dragons, then everything else....

I'm HollyCat73, friend of FiReSpAm. This is an expansion to my page. If you wanna see FiReSpAm's Page, go here.. She helped me with the HTML stuff I needed.

I'm interested in stuff like dragons, fairies, and unicorns so this page'll be about them. So, sit back, take a rest, and relax as this page loads.


By Amber Vinz

Dragons are crafty, wicked and wise,

You can tell just by looking into thier eyes,

If you see a burning red flame,

It can only mean they're betroth in giving pain,

If their eyes sparkle and glimmer of the lightest of blue,

You best be careful what you do,

If your words are truthful and faithful at heart,

You have no need to worry, they won't tear you apart,

But if your words are unlawful and hate is in your eyes,

They will only bring you to your demise.

Copywrite 1997 Amber Vinz, From Amber's Dragon Lair. All Rights Reserved.

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