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I'm WaterSpam or HollyCat73. You can email me at both here or here. I'm 14 and live in Pennsylvania. I love the color purple as you can see. I also play softball for Red Land. Some of you may have remember the old look of my site. I personally think it looked a little un-professional and jumbled. This is my new version of my site. Please have a look.

This is a pic of me. It's not the best one but it's the only one I could use.


~*Cyber Pets*~

~*Atlanta Braves*~


~*Webrings, Cliques, And Cause*~

~*HamsterDance (*Not mine, yet funny*)*~

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This is a friendship heart. The other half is FiReSpam's.

Soon I will have an award for you all to submit for. Please be sure to sign the guestbook and come back again.

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