Tuxedo Mask's Rose Shrine

This is Darien, one of my fav Sailor Moon characters. He's also known as the hero, Tuxedo Mask!

Tuxedo Mask first appeared in the first episode. Whenever the Sailor Scouts are in a jam, he'll hopefully bail them out. All the inner senshi have crushes on him. Serena didn't find out his identity until the the end of the Zoycite saga. She was trapped in an elevator with Darien and a flame bolt was about to kill them. Serena turned to Sailor Moon and got them up to where Zoycite was. Darien found out about Serena's identity and then, Serena saw Darien change into Tuxedo Mask.

Tuxedo Mask Stats

Real Name: American--Darien Chiba Japan--Chiba Mamoru

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Black

Favorite Color:Black

Favorite Food: Chocolate

Deaths: Four

Age: 20

Blood Type: A

College: Harvard University

Favorite Subject: Physics

Tuxedo Mask Linx

The Tuxedo Kamen Shrine--A nice site. Has a few pics and lots of sounds.

Mage Knight's Page of Fantasy--This is a framed page about the MoonLight Knight, one of the other aliases of Tuxedo Mask.

The Not-So-Friendly Darien Page--This page is about Darien when the NegaVerse takes control of him.

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