Saturn Healing Shrine

This is Hotaru Tomoe and she's the Outer Senshi, Sailor Saturn!

Hotaru makes her debut in SailorMoon S. Her father is Proffesor Tomoe and she's an only child. She's shy and isolated, can't make friends really well. That's when she finds out of her ability to heal. Her classmates have reported of the weird and gross healing methods she has done. This is why she's mostly at her dad's mansion. She can be exhausted easily, a tradeoff of her healing technique. As Sailor Saturn, she weilds the pole called Silence Glaive. She can slice through anything that gets in her way.

Sailor Saturn Stats

Real Name: Hotaru Tomoe

Birthday: Janurary 6

Astrological Sign: Capricorn

Blood Type: AB

Favorite Color: Purple

Hobbies: Reading, Collecting Lamps

Favorite Food:?

Least Favorite Food: Milk

Favorite Subject: World History

Worst Subject: Phys Ed.

Strong Point: Injury Treatment

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