Neptune's Ocean Shrine

Hi! My name is Michiru and I'm Sailor Neptune of the Outer Senshi!

I'm pretty smart and I like to play the violin and the violin. I was first introduced in SailorMoon S and I go to Mugen High with my friend, Haruka! In the manga, I'm Sailor Star Neptune and the Princess of Neptune! I have the Henshin stick, a communicator, and the Deep Aqua Mirror. The Deep Aqua Mirror is a talisman that reveals true images.

Sailor Neptune's Stats and Powers

Real Name: Kaioh Michiru

Age: 16

Birthday: March 6

Blood Type: O

Sign: Pisces

Favorite Color: Marine Blue

Favorite Food: Sashimi

Least Favorite Food: Mushrooms

Hobby: Collecting Cosmetic

Favorite Subject: Math

Worst Subject: None

Has Trouble With: Sea Cucumbers

Strong Point: Violins

Dream: To be a violinist

Favorite Stone: Aquamarine

Deep Submerge---A water bolt that hits enemies

Submarine Reflection--Light comes out of the Deep Aqua Mirror and hits everything

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