Rini's Moon Kingdom

This is Rini! She's either eight or ten and she's also known as Sailor Chibi Moon!

While Serena and Darien were out by a dock, Rini came out of the sky, holding her parasol. She landed on Darien. When Serena went back home, Rini had brainwashed her parents with her Lunaball into believeing that Rini was Serena's cousin. Rini keeps searching for the Imperium Silver Crystal to help her mother whose really Serena! Even though Rini bugs the heck out of Serena, Serena learns to handle it. The Japanese episodes show how Rini turns into Chibi Moon.

Chibi Moon's Stats and Powers

Name: Rini or Chibi-Usa

Age: Between Eight or Ten

Birthday: June 30th

Favorite Colors: Pink and Red

Likes: Drawing and Painting

Dislikes: Serena's Bad moods and when Serena takes Rini's snack

Guardian: Diana

I think her Sailor Chibi Moon attack is called Pink Sugar Heart. If I'm wrong, please e-mail me.

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