Chibi-Chibi's Room!

This has got to be THE cutest Sailor Senshi! Her name is Chibi-Chibi and she's a small 2 year old. She only appeared in the Japanese episodes, though...

Chibi-Chibi found Serena about the same way that Rini found her. She appeared out of the sky, falling down with her parasol. She landed near Serena and thought she was her mother. Serena went back home, but Chibi-Chibi followed her and Serena found her in her home. She freaked and her parents let Chibi-Chibi stay. Serena has gotten a fondness for Chibi-Chibi, though.

Chibi-Chibi Stats and Powers

Real Name: Chibi-Chibi

Age: Around 2

Birthday: Unknown

Favorite Food: Pie

Sailor Chibi-Chibi is the last reincarnation of Sailor Moon, Sailor Cosmos. When in Sailor Chibi-Chibi mode, she can only give off energy that can be used to teach the other Sailors new powers.

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