Cats of the Moon

These are the moon cats from top to left to right: Diana, Luna, and Artimus. Luna is the female black cat who's owner is Sailor Moon and Artimus is the male white cat who's owner is Sailor Venus. Diana is the daughter of both Artimus and Luna and she bleongs to Sailor Chibi Moon.

Diana didn't appear in the North American episodes. Just the Japanese ones. Luna appeared in the first North American one. Serena saved her from a group of kids who were beating her up. Luna gave the Scouts info and whenver a new Scout appeared, she gave them their wand. Artimus appeared when Sailor Venus saved the Sailor Scouts from Malacite and Zoycite's energy trap. He was also the creature in the arcade machine that Luna would always go to for help.

Hmm....There's no available stats for any of the cats....So I'll just go on with links.

Moon Kitty Links

The Shrine of Luna and the Sailor Who Loves Her--A nice site about Luna and Sailor Moon.

Luna's Luna Site--This is the best Moon Cat site and it's done by a cat! MANY pics of Luna, Artimus, and Diana!

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