Sailor V's Victory Shrine

Say hello to Mina, the new leader of the Inner Sailor Senshi! She's the owner of the white cat, Artimus.

What makes her interesting is that she's the most mysterious of the Inner Senshi. During the Zoycite saga, Sailor Venus just appeared out of nowhere and saved Tuxedo Mask's life. Then, she helped the Sailor Scouts get out of an energy trap by using her Crescent Beam. She appeared with Artimus who is the friend of Luna. She used to do solo work as the mega-popular Sailor V who Serena admired.

Sailor Venus' Stats and Powers

Real Name: Minako Aino

Age: 14

Birthday: October 22nd

Likes: Boys

Dislikes: Shiitake Mushrooms

Blood Type: B

Favorite Food: Curry Rice

Favorite Subject: Phys ED

Worst Subject: Math and English

Favorite Color: Yellow and Red

Hobbies: Wastine Time and Chasing Idols

Favorite Gemstone: Topaz

Venus Crescent Beam--Mina shoots a beam of light at an enemy.

Venus Love Chain Encircle--Mina creates a chain of yellow hearts that wrap around an enemy.

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