Jupiter's Thunder

Her name is Lita Kino! Her alias is Sailor Jupiter. She used to go to this one school until she was expelled for fighting. Now, she goes to Serena and Ami's school. She's a very good cook!

Lita only gets in fights with people who hurt her friends. She's really very friendly. Serena loves her cooking. The first time they met was in the video arcade Serena hangs out in. They watched this one guy called Joe get toys out of the Claw machine. He gives them to the homeless. Lita followed him and they ended up chatting in a coffee house while Joe showed Lita his power. But, Zoycite came and turned Joe into a monster. It was revealed that Lita was Sailor Jupiter and Luna gave her the power wand. She's now in the Inner Sailor Senshi!

Sailor Jupiter's Powers

Jupiter Thunder Crash--Lita says this to call up a lighting bolt and throw it at an enemy.

Jupiter Thunder Dragon--This makes lighting bolts combine to create a powerful thunder dragon.

Jupiter Thunder Crash--Lita has an even more powerful lighting bolt hit enemies.

Sailor Jupiter Stats

Real Name: Lita Kino

Age: 14

Birthday: December 5th

Hobby: Cooking

Favorite Subject: History and Home EC

Likes: Romance Novels

Dislikes: Cheaters

Special Strength: Strong and athletic

Favorite Foods: Cherry Pie and Meatloaf

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Animal: Horse

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