Sailor Mercury's Study Corner

This is Amy. She's the smartest out of all the Inner Senshi. She used to go to a real brainy kind of school until she was transferred to Serena's (a.k.a. Sailor Moon) school.

While at Serena's school, people whispered about her behind her back. Luna thought that Amy might even be a Negaverse Monster. Serena tried to bond with Amy and walked with her to her computer class. While there, a Negaverse monster struck the whole class and only Amy was left. Sailor Moon appeared and tried to fight the monster. Luna saw that Amy had the Mercury sign on her forehead and then she passed Amy the Mercury Power wand. Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury got the monster and Sailor Mercury was the first Sailor Senshi.

Sailor Mercury's Powers

Mercury Bubble Blast----Amy uses a blast of bubbles to make her enemy cold and to confuse them.

Mercury Bubble Freeze----Amy uses this bubble blast to actually freeze her opponent.

Mercury Ice Storm, Double Shabon Spray Freezing, Mercury Aqua Mirage, Mercury Aqua Rapsody, and Shine Snow Illusion

Sailor Mercury's Stats

Real Name: American---Amy Anderson Japanese--Mizuno Ami

Birthday: September 10th

Astrological Sign: Virgo

Blood Type: A

Favorite Color: Aquamarine, Blue

Favorite Gem: Sapphire

Favorite Foods: Sandwiches and Anmitsu

Least Favorite Foods: Yellow-Tail Tuna

Favorite Subject: Math

Least Favorite Subject: Nothing

Hobbies: Reading, Playing Chess

Favorite Sports: Swimming

Dislikes: Practical Jokes

Strong Points: Calculations and Strategies

Has Trouble With: Love Letters

Dreams: To become a doctor like her mother

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