Raye's Fire Temple

Meet Rei Hino! She's also known as Sailor Mars! She lives in an ancient temple with her priest grandfather where she gets home tutored.

*This is a pic of when my friends first met my grandpa* The first time she met Serena and Ami was when they visited her temple. Rei was discovered as Sailor Mars by Luna and Luna snuck the wand on her front door. Rei always fights with Serena even though Serena is their leader. Rei's father was having a few heart problems and he's trying to train a guy named Chad. Chad was a guitarist who was found on the temple's stairs.

Sailor Mars' Powers

Mars Fire Ignite--Rei shoots a single beam of fire at an enemy.

Anti-Evil Scroll--While shouting "I call upon the power of Mars!", Rei gets a japanese cloth and throws it at an enemy. It can stun them for long periods of time.

Mars Firestorm Flash--Throws many beams of fire

Mars Firebird Strike--Rei makes a phoenix out of beams of fire

Mars Celestial Fire Surround--Surrounds enemies in a circle of fire

Sailor Mars' Stats

Real Name: American--Raye Hino Japanese--Hino Rei

Age: 14

Birthday: April 17

Likes: Mediation

Dislikes: TV

Hobbies: Reading

Special Strength: Dedication

Strong Points: Mediation

Favorite Food: Vegetarian Pizza

Least Favorite Food: Asparagus

Favorite Color: Red

Favorite Animal: Panda

Favorite Subject: Classic Liteature

Least Favorite Subject: Modern Society

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