The Moon Kingdom

The Moon Kingdom is my page that will have stuff on all the main characters in Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon/Usagi

Serena is a Middle School student. She's a real klutz and crybaby. While going to school, she found a black cat being harassed by a group of kids. She chased the kids off and looked at the cat. The cat had a pecuiliar moon sign on her forehead. After Serena saw the moon, the cat ran off.

That night, the cat found her way into Serena's room. Serena freaked when the cat started to talk to her. The cat's name was Luna and Luna told Serena that she was the super heroine, Sailor Moon. Luna gave Serena a certain locket that allowed her to change to Sailor Moon. Serena has been Sailor Moon ever since.

Serena's Stats

Real Name: American--Serena Japanese--Tsukino Usagi

Age: 15

Birthday: June 30

Astrological Sign: Cancer

Blood Type: O

Favorite Color: White

Hobby: Eating Cake

Favorite Food: Ice Cream

Least Favorite Food: Carrots

Favorite Subject: Home EC

Worst Subject: Math and English

Has Trouble With: Dentists and Ghosts

Strong Point: Brownnoising and Crying

Dream: To be a Bride

Favorite Gemstone: Diamond

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Church of Tsukino Usagi--A huge site that worships Serena as the "Moon Goddess".

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