FireSpam's Fav Fanfics

Hi and welcome to the fanfic portion of FireSpam's Page o' Stuff. The fanfic I'm currently writing is the Sailor Moon A series which will be featured on it's individual page. If you want to submit a fanfic, e-mail me. Also email me if u see your fanfic on here and don't want me to have it on my page. Here are some stories by cool writers that I've found on the web:

Adrienne's Fanfic Page--Adrienne (the author of the Sailor Moon Fanfic "The Stars of Light") asked me to put her page up here. This has Sailor Moon fanfics of some pretty good authors also with her Stars of Light series which I recommend you read!

Protoman: Being Human--El Diablo's story about what would happen if Protoman gave up his life as a reploid and started his life as a human.

Bass Is Not A Fish--Red Draco wrote this story about Bass. Bass tries to trick Mega Man into taking him into the lab so Bass can steal something for Dr. Wily and it turns into a huge fight.

Absolute Zero--This story by Skyraider is about when X and Zero find Protoman in a caved-in place. At the lab, Protoman tries to be the serious one while Zero and X keep playing jokes on everyone. This is a real funny story!

Who Am I?--Whoa, what a cool story! This Secret of Mana fanfic has to do with a girl named LJ who happens onto the Mana world. She must help the old heros defeat Reinfeld, a man bent on destroying Mana.

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon TV Episode Guide-----A summary of every single (even the Japanese ones) episode of Sailor Moon. Missed an episode? Look it up in here! Summaries are put together by the Bishoujo Senshi site (see my links page.)

One Maverick's Animosity---This is a MegaMan fanfic by Illumina. It's about a few years after Sigma's defeat. Zero and X have new rookies. But, there are new Mavericks who are still around. And they have a new leader. The leader is someone Zero and X thought was destroyed. This fanfic is very long and shows how Zero and X destroy this new threat with the help of the rookies. Story by Illumina.

Relic of Ragnarok----Illumina's continuation to OMA. It's been a while since the new Mavericks were defeated. But, Zero still has dreams that are driving him crazy. Not only that but a huge relic has been found under the base and something seems to be returning...

Legacy----This story by NatDog has to do with a scientist and his assistance who find stones that transport them through time. They visit times and study them which also includes when X fights Sigma. But, the scientist is slowly getting more greedy and selfish. Like the motto of this story says: "Power Is Attractive...But It Will Always Corrupt"

The Battle That Would Never End---Erik Hollender's story about when a blast of MegaMan's arm cannon is used to actually put him in a battle that would never end.

Battle Ship of Doom, Storm of Death, and Mega Man X's Clone---Kevin Bell's three stories that are joined in a trilogy-like way. B.S.O.D is about an underwater battle ship that threatens the ground life so X and Zero rush to destroy it. S.O.D. is about the return of Dr. Wily. And M.M.X.C. is about a clone of X that's determined to destroy the Maverick Hunter's base.

Sailor V Volume 1,Vol.2, Vol.3,Vol.4,Vol.5,and Vol.6----This is the Sailor V stories. Back before Sailor Moon, the creator made a comic book of Sailor V. These are the scripts of the first six volumes. They're all pretty cool!

The Star Quartet--A story about a new brand of Sailor Senshi that arrive from the stars to help the Outer and Inner Senshi.

Sailor Moon X--ANOTHER Sailor Moon story. This time, a mysterious Sailor Scout called Sailor X is found. There's no telling if she's for or against the Sailor Scouts.

The Starlight Senshi---Think Star Quartet.

Sullivan Street---A story about a 13 year old girl who goes through every day life troubles. Whether it's meeting her "perfect" sister who comes back from college, crushing on her best friend who's a guy, trying to convince people not to turn the woods behind the town into a mall, or to become friends with the outcastic new girl, this story keeps it real and is very good.

Christine---A short story about two girls who were best friends before a tragic accident.

The Teen Writer's Library---A very big page of lots of stories done by teens. (Read The Trestle which is about 1800's. A girl named Emeline is about to marry a successful boy named Jeff but really likes the servant named Levi)

More stories will come! Submit yours now!