Crossroads Lightning

This is my page about the 8th grade Crossroads Middle School basketball team that started in November 98. There are 15 girls on the team. I play power and shooting forward. And I'm #25. Below is the schedule and I'll update with statistics of who won and what the score was.


7: CD East (Home)

Was I On The Starting Lineup: Yes/ Score: 36-19 / Who Won: CD East/

10: Eagle View (Home)

Was I On The Starting Lineup: Yes / Score: 35-24 / Who Won: Eagle View/

14: Lemoyne (Away)

Was I on The Starting Lineup: Yes/ Score: 30-26/ Who won: Lemoyne

18: Mechanicsburg (Home)

Was I On The Starting LineUp: Yes/ Score: 30-26/ Who Won: Mechanicsburg

21: Swatara (Home)

Was I On The Starting Lineup: Yes/ Score: 36-19/ Who Won: Swatara


7: New Cumberland (Away)

Was I on The Starting Lineup:Yes/ Score--31-19/ Who Won: Us!

12: Linglestown (Away)

Was I On The Starting Lineup: Yes/Score--34-29/Who Won: Linglestown/ Notes On Game: There was 1 overtime

14: Good Hope (Away)

19: Allen (Away)

21: Carlisle (Home)

25: CD East (Away)

28: Eagle View (Away)


1: Lemoyne (Home)

5: Mechanicsburg (Away)

8: Swatara (Away)

11: Northern (Home)

16: New Cumberland (Home)

18: Linglestown (Home)

22: Good Hope (Home)

24: Allen (Home)

26-27: West Shore School District Tournament--We lost our first game and were eliminated.

Tennesee Lady Volunteers

The rest of my basketball page is going to be devoted to my fav basketball team, Tennesee's Lady Volunteers. The Vol's are the National Champions and have the best female basketball player on their team: Chamique Holdsclaw. The Vols are gonna win it all this year! Put your votes on the NCAA brackets at Yahoops! and I hope you vote for the Vols because nobody else is gonna win! :-) Here's the roster for 98-99's team:

No.3 -- Niya Butts-- Forward--Sophmore--6-0

No.5 -- Kyra Elzy -- Forward--Sophmore--6-1

No.11-- Laurie Milligan --Guard--Senior--5-8

No.13-- Misty Greene -- Guard/Forward--Junior-- 5-9

No. 14--Kellie Jolly--Guard--Junior--5-10

No. 21--Semeka Randall--Guard--Freshman--5-10

No. 23-- Chamique Holdsclaw--Forward/Center--Junior--6-2

No. 24--Tamika Catchings--Guard/Forward--Freshman--6-1

No. 31--Brynae Laxton--Forward--Junior--6-0

No. 33--Ace Clement--Guard--Freshman--5-11

No. 34--Lashonda Stephens--Forward--Sophmore--6-3

No. 40--Teresa Geter--Center--Freshman--6-3

The site I got the lineup from leaves out Michelle Snow, the freshman starter who plays forward.

And this is their coach, Pat Summit.

This is Michelle Snow.

The SIFW cover with Chamique on it!

Chamique was chosen to lead the All-American team which includes teammate Tamika Catchings, Purdue's Steph White-McCarty, Alabama's Dominique Canty, and Colorado St's BeckyHammon.