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Well, I'm gonna try something new here with my bookmarks. Y'know, make it easier for you guys to find what u want. Click on a name to go to that section:

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Kewl Goop---Crazy site about Sailor Moon, musicals, X-Files, and Star Wars. Mostly Sailor Moon.

MixxZine On-Line---Homepage about the American manga comic magazine. Has descriptions and ordering info.

The Star Quartet---This page's a Sailor Moon fanfic about eight new Sailors. Has lots of sub-pages but doesn't get updated often.

The Sailor Senshi's Diary---Includes anime and manga Sailor Moon plus a ChibiChibi and PQ Angels sub-pages.

Sailor Moon RPG---The best Sailor Moon RPG. Has over twenty characters plus five archives of stories.

Sailor Moon Ring of Power---A webring index of over 900 Sailor Moon sites!

Cephiro---If your a Magic Knight Rayearth fan, go here for Rayearth fanfics, info, character bios, and episoe summaries.

The On-Line Anime Midi Server---Has loads o' midis for shows like Rayearth, Sailor Moon, and Tenchi Muyou.

The Anime Ring of Cuteness---Webring index of cute anime.

Kuro's Best Anime---A page about Sailor Moon, Ranma 1/2, and Sanrio.

Street Fighter's Dojo----A friend of mine's page with fanfics and links to anime stuff.

Sol Reaper's Shadowlands---Has lots of anime fan art and links.

Sailor Moon Fanfic HQ---This is like Jupiter Knight's site.

Save Our Cabbits---Some petition-like page bout cabbits from Tenchi Muyou.

Satellite Anime---A very nice anime site with games and info.

Sailor Mars' Ultimate Sailor Moon Homepage----Has lots of Sailor Moon character bios and zodiac stuff.

Sailor Sirius' Homepage----Sailor Sirius' page has a bunch of anime drawing stuph.

Sailor V.E.N.U.S.---A webring index of made-up Sailor Senshi.

Sailor Moon X---One of the better made-up Scout sites.

Sailor M.A.R.S.---A webring index of Sailor Moon fanfic.

Sailor Moon E---A sister site to Sailor Moon X is this fanfic run by Chibi Earth. Sailor Earth is cool!

Ryoko's Anime Shrine---Focuses on Sailor Moon and Tenchi Muyou.

Ranko's AnimeRPG Central---Shows Anime RPG info plus linx to sites by Jubei.

Namiko's Cute Anime Mall---I was just included in this on-line mall of cute animes!

Jupiter Knight's Great Sailor Moon Fanfic Archive---Jupiter Knight's very lengthy archive of Sailor Moon fanfics.

Demon Wolf's Negaverse---Demon Wolf's shrine to all the NegaVerse generals. Great fanart. Really focused on Neflite.

Cute Cute Pet Shop---The place to go to adopt an anime pet for your homepage! The place where I got my cute dragon, Prodigy Dragon!

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon---The on-line Sailor Moon encloypedia.

Belldandi's Anime RPG---More like a fanfic center than an RPG.

Anime_Manga---This page has sections on Vampire Hunter D, Sailor Moon, Ah! My Goddess, and 3X3 Eyes.

AniPike---The best anime/manga search engine!!!

Anime Pitstop---A good anime/manga search engine but Anipike's better.

Angel of Serenity's Sailor Moon Kingdom---A beautifully rendered site with a few Sailor Moon sub-sections.

Sailor Search---An impressive search engine of Sailor Moon sites!

Sailor Hail's Beyond Scouts---Are u a member of FancyHail's Sailor Moon mailing list? If so, you'd probably know F.H. very well. This is her page about the fanfic she's making called The Beyond Scouts. *I helped her with the bios for Sailor Chibi Evening and Sailor Island*

Jaime's Dark Kingdom Shrine---Another page dedicated to the Negaverse of Sailor Moon. Has lots of images, sounds, fanfics, great fanart, and even a page about Naru-chan.

Video Games

The Ultimate Street Fighter Page---Has info on each Street Fighter game plus fanarts and downloads.

Zero X Gold's Maverick Hunter Base---The best part of ZeroX's site is the sprites but ZeroX is so protective of them that you'll only be able to see them on his page.

Vane----This is one of the best Lunar sites. Has pics and audio stuff. *Lunar is a Sega Saturn RPG*

Video Game Music Archive---Really big site o' video game midis.

Top Game Top Site---Protoman's page that features the best out of the best video game sites according to him.

Unofficial Squaresoft Homepage---Simply the best Squaresoft page.

The Unofficial Final Fantasy 7 Homepage---See above description except use the word FF7.

Squaresoft Shrine---Looks a lot like Squaresoft Realm but has more sections.

The Shin-Ra Archives---The "best fanfic archive on the web" with nothin' but Squaresoft fanfics.

The Protoman Homepage---GREAT Mega Man site. I like the fanfic section tha best.

The Mushroom Kingdom---The best Mario site on the web. Has guitar tabs, tons o' audio, and other Mario stuff.

The Flying Cat Homepage---Do you like those flying cats in Lunar? Go here for all the info you could ever want about those dragon furballs.

The Final Fantasy 2 Writer's RPG---If you like FF2 and writing fanfics, submit stories here so they can post it up.

The Canadian Squaresoft Page---Loads o' links and the Unofficial Breath of Fire page but the other sections are mostly stuff ripped off o' the Unofficial page.

Sting Chameleon's Stuff---All o' this site is MegaMan downloads.

The Squaresoft Webring---This used to be an extensive list of Squaresoft sites. But, now it's only like 20 some pages.

Nintendo Player's Club---A club about NES with a nice message board.

Super Mario 4 The PC---This site has the file and tips to download the Super Mario PC game.

Rune Walsh's Esper Mansion---A WBS page dedicated to Phantasy Star 4.

RPGer's Paradise---A RPG club with fanfics, battles, and an IRCRPG.

RPG Picture Gallery----Every Squaresoft or Castlevania icon you could ever want.

PowerShoe's Site o' Stuff---A site about Diddy Kong Racing, Mario, and Wario.

Mega Man: The Man in Blue---THA best Mega Man site.

Mario's Video Game Ring---A webring index with N64 stuff and NES stuff.

Lunar: Middleground---An IRCRPG that takes place after Lunar: The Silver Star. Love that fan art!

Lucca's Role Playing Games Homepage---A beautiful site about Squaresoft, Working Designs, and Anime. The fanfic section is GREAT!

Nintendo---Tha page of Nintendo Power magazine.

Kingdom of Guardia---An informative Chrono Trigger page dat's pretty cool.

Generation Mega Man X---Illumina's page with great Mega Man fanart and fanfics!


Wu-Tang Forever---Has bios, lyrics, and stuff about tha Wu-Tang Clan.

The World is a Vampire---A two-sectioned Smashing Pumpkins site.


The Spice Station---Has a review of the SpiceWorld movie plus a section on how to look like your favorite SpiceGirl.

The Smashing Pumpkins Web Site---Heaven for any Smashing Pumpkins fan!

The Smashing Jack-O-Lanterns---Has loads o' pics and movies.

The Realm of Soft Delusions---This site has lots o' audio files of Smashing Pumpkins songs and demos plus covers.

The Prodigy---All 'bout the Prodigy! One section has Keith Flint's fav linx!

The Birdman's Roost---A page about the Candian-based alt rock group, Our Lady Peace. Has some concert pics but Raine Maida doesn't look right in them.

311's Offical Homepage---New,lyrics,tour dates, everything 'bout the alt rock, reggae, funk, rap group called 311.

Official BackStreet Boys Website---Has bios, merchanidise, tour dates, and links.

RockToons---A page where the webmaster draws cartoons of alternative groups like Smashing Pumpkins, Radiohead, Marilyn Manson, and BUSH.

Edward Kowalcyzk's Website---The website done by the lead singer of Live. Has personal stuff plus Ed's tour diary.

R&B Music Site---Everything about most R&B and rap groups.

Puff Daddy---A page 'bout Puff Daddy with lyrics, review, bio, and pics.

Is It Safe?---One o' tha better Our Lady Peace pages I've seen. Has most o' their movies in Quicktime format.

Music Preview Network---Tha place to go to preview a CD before ya buy it.

Midis And Guitar Tabs---A huge up-to-date guitar tabs index.

Martin's Midi World---Mostly rap and R&B midis.

BillBoard---Look at tha charts and play Fantasy Billboard!

Ammonic's Midis---The best in daily alternative midis!

Got Usher?---This's the unofficial Usher homepage.

Nosmiles' Music Page---A cool alternative music page with reviews, top 20s, lyrics, and other stuff.

Music King's Ultimate Midi Archive----A very huge midi archive done by Music King with all o' the new midis.

The International Lyrics Server---A search engine that has all these cool lyrics like for Mase, Usher, Smash Mouth, Chumbawamba, and others.

Harlem World----A real cool page about Ma$e that has his bio, pics, sounds, and all this other cool stuff about Ma$e.

Green Day Mania---Tons of stuff about Green Day and a few other punk rock bands.

10 Seconds Down----A Sugar Ray site that's has tons of stuff plus the band even gave the site the thumbs-up!

Channing's Music Homepage----A really cool homepage based on rap and r&b! It's like Nosmile's page except that it's about rap and r&b.

Addicted To Noiz---A very popular and cool music webzine.


Black Hole of Links---This is my dad's page. He's really good at HTML stuff and his page is about sports. It has linx to every single team in baseball, football, basketball, and hockey.

Tamagotchi Link Center---This page has all sorts of links to anything related to Tamagotchis like the Angelgotchis.

Sir Phreak's Domain---Has lots of misc stuph plus...a PAINTBALL NET HOMEPAGE!!!!!

Shooting Star---A colorful 30+ paged site with sections like a java game, a club, a mailing list, books, a chatroom, trivia, midis, etc.

Hotmail---Tired of sharing your email with family members who use the same mailbox as you? Go here to get your own private email box.

Yahoo---My fav search engine.

Virtual Pets---Tells about every single American and Japanese virtual pet.

The Unofficial RugRats Homepage---Has bios, movie report, and other stuff on the Nickelodeon cartoon!

FoxTrot On-line---Bill Amend's site with Foxtrot downloads, comic archives, and online merchandise.

Starlight Mall---A "webring" that's like the Namiko site except it's a mall of any kind of site.

South Park On-Line---The best South Park site. Has Stan's Insult Generator, scripts, interviews, bios, and sounds.

WBS---One o' the best chat networks.

Planet Daria----The best Daria site.

HERE BE DRAGONS---A cool dragon link site.

Claires On-Line---On-line shopping and info on the store, Claires.

Brit Dog's House---Brit's page has cool links, a photo album, and other stuff to do and see! Go here for a cool personal page!

Audrey's World---This is one o' my fav pages right now! Not only does it have cool stuff about this cool webmaster, it also has......AN USHER TRIBUTE! Plus Blackstreet pages, Puffy pages, B.I.G. pages, and everything else!

s Over Da Edge---Personal page with submitted embarassing moments, her CDs, autobiography, and a Daria page.

DreamLand---A very beautiful page with bio, adoptions, and other cool stuff.

Glitter and Glue---A girl with a cool page with animated gifs and mice pages.

Jennifer's Beautiful, Wonderful Homepage---A page with awards, games, cyber pets, and stuff like that.

Chantessy's Page o' Fun---A very big page with cool stuff to do and see by a ten year old.

Sophie's World---This page is about a 15 year old named Sophie. It has her on-line diary, her computer art, poems, and other stuff. It's also anime-related but it was a personal page so I put it here.

The David Arquette Fan Site----David Arquette's cool! This' someone's site that has everything ya wanna know 'bout Dave!

Caitlyn and William's Playhouse---This homepage's by two kids who are brother and sister. It's pretty impressive and it has lots of links, c-pets, and bios.

Jessica's World---A bright page with a funny "policitics" page plus a bio, links, happy sites, and a Titanic page.

Fox Zone---A big site that has stuff on FoxTrot, Garfield, Simpsons, plus 3d mazes.

The Realm of Chaos---Lady Chaos' really nifty fantasy themed page with her awesome artwork! Worth a visit if your into fantasy arts.

Divanta's Page---A nicely created page that's a little graphic intense. Has pics and sections of dragons, fairies, and unicorns.

> Amanda Penrose's Homepage----A cool homepage with dragon, fairies, guardian adoptions, stories, and stuff about Amanda.

Purple Glitter----One of my best friends' homepage. I manage it and I do all the HTML. It's still in it's planning stages but you can come and check it out. It has links, cyber pets, about her, titanic page, and atlantic braves page.

Cyndie's Realm----A BEAUTIFUL Candian personal page. Has stuff about Cyndie, beautiful java applets, poems, and cool links.

STG's World----A big page done by two people named Sandy and Tom. Has stuff about them, sports, awards, tv shows, and a South Park page.

Travis T-Rex's Homepage----A nicely done and long homepage by a third grade boy. It's mostly all links. But it is nicely done.

Groovy Gal's Groovy Page----A really cool page with lyrics, polls, pics, awards, weird facts, and more stuff! U can even see the site in "valley girl language". Like, kewl!

Ashley's Room----This page is really cool! It has a cyber pet backyard, a virtual mall, and cool links!

*StarDust*---A real beautiful and colorful page that has mind bogglers, java, links, midis, and other stuff. Totally unique and well-thought-out page.

Lindzi's Page of Insanity----This site is sooo cool! It's a zine that has the best fashion, makeup, the ask Lindzi section, and a whole lot more! Go to this zine now!

SlackGirls---Another zine that has stuff about music and clothes and other cool stuff for slacker girls!

JNCO Industries---This page iz da bomb! Not only do they show some o' JNCO's awesome jeans, but they also have online comics and other fun stuff to browse through!

Alloy---Online shopping with some of the coolest clothes around!

Dedicated to Teens---A cool teen webzine that's kinda like Lindzi's.

SoCcErGrL's Page o' Stuff----This page is COLORFUL! It also has tons o' cool stuff to see and do as u browse through this colorful page!

Kadiya and Spirit's Page---A nice site that's about a mother and her daughter. It also has a fairy and unicorn page.

Necrite's Magic The Gathering Page----A decent Magic page. The best thing is that Necrite has a picture for every single Magic card in every single expansion!

Katie's Place---A colorful and beautiful page that has a Leo DiCaprio page (WOOHOO!), a Princess Di page (*very sad*), and a Mother Theresa page (*also very sad*), plus lots more!

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