Our C-Pets

Okay, I had to get cyber pets. So me and three of my friends, HollyCat73 and Bleupea and Squirmmer, decided to adopt pets for this page, too. Keep in mind that lately are images have been dead so we're gonna have to find new pets. Here's all the pets I have so far:

Go to HollyCat73's Homepage! She and I will appreciate it very much!

To see HollyCat's and I's unicorns and ponies, click here to see them.

This is a c-pet that my cousin, CrazyR, made for me! It's named MageBot. It's cool, huh? *Please don't steal it*

This is my pet, Prodigy Dragon and I got him from the Cute Cute Pet Shop!


This is my professional Guardian Angel Bear, Larisa, who watches over my site while I'm gone. I got her from Pooh's Corner.

This is HollyCat73's pro Guardian Angel Bear named Jen.

This is Luka. She's a Guardian Angel Bear in training.

This is HollyCat73's Guardian Angel Bear in Training named Snowflake.

This is HollyCat73's Boy Angel Bear, Kenneth.

This is my Boy Angel Bear, Cal.

This is Jasmine and she's a joint custody of me and HollyCat73. She comes from Jim's Pets

Adopt A Smile is where me and HollyCat73 got our special smiles!

This is Malrius, my moon kitten from Moon Children Kittens For Adoption.

This is my Downloadable Dragon, Raine.

This is my Beanie Baby, Patti, from Jennifer's Homepage.

This is my bunny, FlopEar.

This is Pyschedilic

This is Auto.

This is Ranma, my cabbit.

This is Jayme, my baby teddy bear.

This is my cyber kitty, Smokey (named after my own Himalayan kitty)

This is my orphan puppy, Neuman.

Click here to go to the Ultimate Pet Shop

This is Alley, my calico cat from the suburbs.

This is Jadene, my mischievous tabby that's now stuck on a branch. I gotta go help her down...

This is Blue Fantasy, my butterfly Pegasus.

This is Clawaxus from Senoch Adoption.

The following pets are from Lady Hippo:

From left to right: Bauble, Gust, and RiverWild.

This is my newly-born dragon, Plok.

This is Lea, my chameleon fairy.

Tealia watches over all c-pets that I get from Lady Hippo.

This is Ty, a 5 year old orphan bear I found.

This is my tigergriffin, Sunspot.

This is Grounce.

This is TyGriff.

Those griffins were from here.

This is Gavin, my hedgehog.

Meet my rainbow dragon, Sercania.

This is my dagmire, Ballad.

This is my BirthStone Bear for September.

Those are all my C-People & Pets. I'll get new ones to post up here soon.