The Squaresoft and Anime IRCRPG

This is the Squaresoft and Anime IRCRPG site. I actually have more than one character now!


Age: 16

Sex: Female

Type: Human

Inventory: Honor Sword

Class: Fighter


D-ko is the daughter of A-ko. She inherited A-Ko's agility and super-strength. D-ko didn't find out until her first day at high school. D-ko and her one friend were walking by a construction site. A construction beam fell out of the building at D-ko's friend. D-ko grabbed the beam and threw it away. Her friend was stunned. At school, everyone knew of the beam situation. D-ko was surprised about the situation yet remember that she was A-ko's daughter. At home, she told her mom. A-ko took her down to the basement. She took out a sword from a chest. The sword was called the Honor Sword. It was the strongest and heaviest sword ever. D-ko became a guardian of Earth. D-ko was created by me.

Dar Pendragon

Age: 23

Sex: Male

Type: Human/Ethreal

Class: Planewalker

Magic: Creation


Dar Pendragon was born of an etheral mother and a human father, but his mother died when he was very young. He was raised as a human by his father, and was never told his heritage until he was 15. At that time his powers began to blossom, and his father sent him to the etheral plane,to live with his mother's parents and to learn the arts of magic. He quickly reached the level of full etheral's, and passed them, for his human side gave him the physical strength to push himself farther than the others. When he reached 20, he was given the title of planewalker, one of the few who were strong enough to travel between planes, the same title his mother and her parents had. He excelled at creation magic, the most difficult of all magic, but the most powerful, unlike his mother, who was a master of chaos magic. He then re-entered this world, as spent 2 years studying with the best sorcerers and warriors there was. Now he wanders this plane, seeking his destiny. When he needs to use magic, his changes into his etheral form, but normally his looks no different that any other human. His human side gives him strength, and allows him to use his fighting skills. Dar Pendragon was made by Dar Sorceror Supreme.


Age: 16

Sex: Male

Personality: Quiet and Brave


Chrono is a red-haired teenager who lives in Truce Village with his mother. He never knew who his father was. Chrono made many new friends yet he also discovered time travel and saved all time from a time-destroying parasite called Lavos. Chrono is being played by Smoggy.

Game Wizard

Age: 24

Sex: Male

Personality: Self centered sometimes, loyal to friends


Game Wizard is the product of Novastorm and Kulan. The Sailor Scouts killed Novastorm and Kulan when Game Wizard was very young. Game Wizard was then, taken to the Negaverse and was raised by Zoycite. Game Wizard was created by The Wizard Cat.

Daetsu Akage (Fire Tiger)

Age: 17

Sex: Male

Personality: Good and Alert


In the 31st century, two teenagers got in a horrifying car crash that killed both. A military group found the two bodies inside their car. The teenagers were transformed into a male cyborg codenamed Fire Tiger. Fire Tiger can create moon crystals and can take control of all enemies in an area for a limited amount of time.

That's all that I have currently. If you want to part of it, e-mail me.