CraZy-J's Da Bomb Shelter

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Yo, wud up, perbs? I be Crazy-J in da house, yo. Mah cool page is gonna have stuff bout me, my fav stuff, and cool links fo' u perbs 2 check out.

Mah real name's Jen W. Mah perbs call me Crazy-J and HonEy. I'm 13 yearz old (my fav letter's z) and I go's 2 Crossroadz Middle School. Mah best friends r jenn r., courtney s., tessa s., joey b., joey a., josh t., and of course fo' all u perbs out there in internet-land, me b-friend emory f. I listen 2 these kewl bands:

This be da hottest singer 'round, yo. This iz Usher. Click here for da bomb Usher page.

Thiz iz my fav'rite band, Nirvana. Rock out, Kurt Cobain. Click here 4 da bomb Nirvana club.

Thiz be da Smashing Pumpkins. Click herez for da bomb Smashing Pumpkins page.

Thiz iz Bush. Gavin Rossdale's fiinnneee. Click herez for da official Bush page.

Thiz iz da bomb rap group, Bone Thugs-n-Harmony. I luv Layzie! Click herez 2 see da official Bone Thugs page.

Thiz iz da cover 2 da new K-Ci and Jojo album, Love Always. Theyz da bomb but they ain't no sites bout dem.

Thiz iz Marcy Playground. They beez da bomb!

Crazy-J's Wavs

Click here 2 hear da new Marcy Playground joint.

Here's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana

Click here 2 hear "Lithium" by Nirvana.

Slow Jam by Usher

1979 by Smashin' Pumpkins

Dangerous by Busta Rhymes

Put Yo Hands Where Mah Eyes Can C by Busta Rhymes

Swallowed by Bush

I'll Be Missin' U by Puff Daddy

Can't Nobody Hold Me Down by Puff daddy

It's All Bout Da Benjamins by Puff Daddy

Feel So Good by Ma$e

All My Life by K-Ci and Jojo

Anytime by Brian McKnight


I beez in a Pennsylvania band called Blind Acid. We sing alternative, rap, r&b, and pop. We beez writin' songs, practicing the instruments, and gettin' ready 4 when we get signed. I'll put up some o' the wavs we made of Blind Acid soon. We wrote 17 songs so far. Da membas are:

Jen W. (Crazy J)----Singer, Lyric-writer

Jen R. (J-Ray)----Guitarist, singer, lyric-writer

Tessa S. (Half Pint)----Guitarist, Rapper, singer

Courtney S. (Sweet Thang)----Manager, singer

Joey B. (HoEy)----Drummer, singer

Joey A. (Shortie)----Manager

U beez hearin' us soon so stay tuned.

Well, dat wuz mah bomb page! I'll update it soon, yo! Thanx 2 FiReSpAm 4 helpin' me out! Bye-z!