My Bio-Sphere

Hi, my name is...Robyn! My age is 14, my b-day is October 17th. I'm 5'2". I don't have a bf yet :-(. My other internet names are HollyCat73, WaterSpam, and AtlantaBraveSpam *Braves Rule!*.

I listen to almost everything! My favorite bands and singers are *NSync, BSB, 98 Degrees, Eminem, Britney Spears, Eve 6, The Offspring, 3rd Eye Blind, Sugar Ray, Mariah Carey, and Mariah Carey.

I was just added to the band, MiRRoR Imagez. The band consists of me, Jen, Kathy, Katie, and Colleen. We do r&b, pop, rap, and a little alternative.


Here are a list of my best friends:

Jen R.

Bridget N.

Kara H.


Chris S.


Brandi N.

Dawn N.

Andrea H.

Ed H. *Jen's bf!*

Shawna L.